For more than 10 years, Sahabat Yatim Indonesia has distributed Qurbani meat to all corners of Indonesia

Now, it’s time for you to make your Qurbani meat widely worthwhile. So, let’s spread the good deed of Qurbani evenly throughout Indonesia and the world. So that, those who have never tasted of Qurbani meat, can feel the benefits your Qurbani meat.

* We will distribute your Qurbani to remote, underdeveloped, and inland areas. There are more than 150 distribution points of Qurbani meat including the Rohingya and Palestinians.

Are These Your Qurbani Wish This Year?

Sahabat Yatim Indonesia are ready to help you to realize your Qurbani hopes.

By entrusting your Qurban to us, in sha Allah :

So, let's spread the Qurbani meat to all corners of the country with Sahabat Yatim Indonesia

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Start From

IDR 2.250.000,-

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IDR 2.250.000,-


Start form

IDR 15.750.000,-

The Reason Why You Have To Qurbani With Sahabat Yatim Indonesia

Healthy and Quality Qurbani Animals

By having their own farm, Sahabat Yatim Indonesia can monitor their livestock optimally and this is the main key to livestock health.

Implementation of Qurban According to Sharia

We always prioritize service to the ummat, so that the commercial aspect is not our main concern. The application of sharia is certainly a major concern for the benefit of the people.

Trustworthy and Legal

As proof of commitment to responsibility, PT. Sayati Alam Lestari was founded by Sahabat Yatim Indonesia with formal legal requirements, such as a livestock license, animal trade and slaughterhouse.

Qurbani Meat is Distributed Evenly

The national volunteer network in the Saya Sahabat Yatim community makes it easy for us to distribute Qurbani meat  to various remote areas in various provinces.

Experienced More Than 10 Years

Qurbani Worship Becomes Easier

Ibadah Qurban Jadi Lebih mudah

The agreement process for Qurban Nusantara  program is very easy. Can be done online. Let us take care of everything.

Steps to Qurbani with Sahabat Yatim Indonesia


Fill out the form & choose the animal for Qurbani


We will confirm you by phone / Whatsapp




Slaughtering and distribution of Qurbani meat


Qurbani Report

Thousands of Families Have Received the Benefits of Qurbani Meat of Sahabat Yatim Indonesia

In sya Allah daging hewan qurban anda kami salurkan kepada :


Orphans and The Poor


Poor widows


Disaster Victims


Marginalized & Underdeveloped Areas


Underdeveloped Countries


Tahfidz Islamic Boarding School

The documentation of Slaughtering Qurbani Animals of Sahabat Yatim Indonesia


Our Qurbani animals are directly take care by our business unit, namely PT Sayati Alam Lestari, so that the health and quality of the Qurban animals are guaranteed.
For additional information, PT Sayati Alam Lestari also has complete permits such as permits for livestock, animal trade, and slaughterhouse.

We make sure the slaughter is in accordance with Sharia. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

First: Fill in the form here first
Second: Then, we will contact you immediately to process the contract and payment for the Qurbani animal
Third: After that, you can make payments
Fourth: The process of slaughtering & distribution
Fifth: Sending a report to you regarding your Qurbani animal & its distribution

Payment can be made by transfer to BSI and Mandiri bank accounts on behalf of Sahabat Yatim Indonesia Foundation.
For account number information we will inform you via Whatsapp.

For distribution, it is distributed by our volunteers to more than 150 locations throughout Indonesia.
In addition, we also distribute the meat of Qurbani animals to Rohingya, Syria and Palestine.

Yes, we will report the progress to you

Absolutely yes, you can contact our admin number, for other questions. We will try to explain as much detail as possible to you.

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